The Cats-in-Residence Program

A collaborative purr-formance piece by Rhonda Lieberman

75 Total Adoptions!

White Columns

New York, NY


Part of The Cat Show

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25 adoptions at this event

Two kittens lay side by side on pedestal.
Photo credit: Dana Byerly
A person and cat play with a cat dancer afixed to a Joe Scanlon cat scratcher.
Photo credit: Dana Byerly
A gray kitten looks down on a black kitten laying on a Ruth Root mat.
Photo credit: Dana Byerly
A tabby kitten is being petted while standing on a pedestal.
Photo credit: Dana Byerly


Rhonda Lieberman

CatAviary / Enclosure

Freecell (John Hartmann/Lauren Crahan) and Gia Wolff

Paw-ticipating (Human) Artists

Lucky deBellevue, Jane Rosenblum, Joe Scanlon, Jonathan Horowitz, Rob Pruitt, Ruth Root, Ryan McNamara, Sam Roeck, Theo Rosenblum & Chelsea Seltzer.

Adoptable Purr-formers (a.k.a. cats)

Courtesy of Social Tees NYC