The Cats-in-Residence Program

A collaborative purr-formance piece by Rhonda Lieberman

75 Total Adoptions!


This purr-formance piece, conceived by writer/artist/curator Rhonda Lieberman, was produced in collaboration with architects Gia Wolff and Freecell (John Hartmann and Lauren Crahan).

The Cats-in-Residence Program debuted as part of The Cat Show at White Columns, NYC from June 14 through July 27, 2013. Further versions were staged at Real Art Ways, Hartford CT (Nov 2014 - Dec 2014); 356 S. Mission Road, Los Angeles (Dec 2014 - Jan 2015), and Worcester Art Museum, Worcester MA (July 2016 - Sept. 2016).

A core group of artists participated in every show, including Lucky deBellevue, Jonathan Horowitz, Cary Leibowitz, Jane Kaplowitz, Ryan McNamara, Rob Pruitt, Sam Roeck, Ruth Root, Kay Rosen, Jason Rosenberg, Theo Rosenblum + Chelsea Seltzer, Joe Scanlon. Additional artists participated throughout.

Local rescue organizations provided purr-formers, a.k.a adoptable rescue cats, see exhibition pages for details about each show.

During the course of the installation 75 cats were successfully adopted.

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Website and social media (a.k.a. cat tweeting) by Dana Byerly.

Loud purrs to everyone who helped to make The Cats-in-Residence Program a success!