Success Stories

Here are some Cats-in-Residence alumni in their new forever homes…

Tom Tom, now Mousse, from Real Art Ways

Mousse remembers his time as museum cat at @realartways. #catsinresidence

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Merlot, from Real Art Ways

Riley, from Real Art Ways

Shirley, now Charli, from Real Art Ways

“I just want to say how lucky I am to have Charli in my life! While she doesn’t like to have her nails clipped, I think she’s loving everything in her new forever home! She’s a little love bug and one of the friendliest cats on earth. That is unless you ask her brother Dash. He’s a tad afraid of his new sister! God Bless and thanks for bringing Charlie to my house and into my life!”

Scot Haney, WFSB | Channel 3 Eyewitness News