Real Art Ways – Hartford, Connecticut

November 1, 2014 – December 7, 2014
Opening reception on November 1.

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Real Art Ways (Twitter) is one of the United States’ leading innovative contemporary arts organizations, with programs in Visual Arts (commissioned public projects, curated exhibitions, education), Live Arts (innovative music of all kinds, performance, spoken word) and Film and Video (feature films and artists’ videos).

Rhonda Lieberman

CatAviary / Enclosure
Freecell (John Hartmann/Lauren Crahan) and Gia Wolff

Paw-ticipating (Human) Artists
Lucky deBellevue, Rochelle Feinstein, Jonathan Horowitz, Cary Leibowitz, Ryan McNamara, Paul McMahon, Jane Kaplowitz, Rob Pruitt, Sam Roeck, Ruth Root, Kay Rosen, Jason Rosenberg, Theo Rosenblum & Chelsea Seltzer, Joe Scanlon

Purr-formers (a.k.a. cats)
Courtesy of Connecticut Cat Connection (Twitter)

Note: these Purr-formers may not be the actual Cats-in-Residence.

Kitty Sherman (a.k.a. Amy)
Questions the representation of cats in society, loves to be petted, good with other cats.
Frida Kahlico (a.k.a. Avon)
Gorgeous and super-affectionate. Uncompromising feminist into indigenous calico culture. Viva la calico revolution!
Richard Paw Prints (a.k.a. Pierre)
Don’t call him a copycat – he’s an appropriator! Known to use other cats’ kibble. Very friendly. Digs litter box jokes.
Jaspurr Johns (a.k.a. Luna)
Into flags, maps, targets, letters, numbers and wet food. Very affectionate tabby.
Claws Oldenburg (a.k.a. Bethany)
Extremely friendly, follows you around for affection, fascinated by everyday objects.
Bruce Meowman (a.k.a. Night)
Buff kitty ‘believes art is an activity and not a product.’ Found in a parking lot across the street from the shelter.
Meowrina Abramovic (a.k.a. Ninja)
is present.

Plus: Jeff Maine Coons! Gatto Dix! Rem Koolkat! Elizabeth Furry! Pablo Picatso! Meowricio Cattalan! Felis Gonzales-Torres! Alex Katz! Louise Purrgeois! And Manx Ernst!

Special Thanks
Food and Litter generously donated by Help Willy’s Friends (Twitter)